Acacia is a global multi-strategy  institutional asset management firm. We provide premier investment advisory services to institutional, endowment, and eleemosynary investors worldwide.

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Founded in 2007, Acacia has established a synergistic combination of investment strategies designed to capitalize on pricing anomalies and market dislocations across alternative investment classes.  Our objective is to provide our clients with an integrated investment platform, by offering innovative and complementary solutions across their full spectrum of investments.



We work with our clients to provide comprehensive solutions for their investment needs, creating bespoke programs to satisfy their requirements and deliver highest quality investment and risk management for sovereign and global institutional investors.



Our management team averages over twenty years of senior investment officer experience, covering multiple generations of asset and economic cycles across a wide array of investment classes. All senior management have worked in the US, London and emerging markets throughout the course of their careers, thus providing clients with a unique blend of world class advisory services.